Must-see Orb biopic Lunar Orbit will premiere on Saturday March 5 as part of the new annual cinematic event.

The 70-minute film – directed by Patrick Buchanan – follows the ambient pioneers as they work on last year’s Moonbuilding 2703 AD, recorded in Thomas Fehlmann’s Berlin studio. It features appearances from the likes of Guy Pratt, Youth, Carl Lobin, Steve Hillage, Tom Green, Mixmaster Morris, Matt Black, Helen Mead, Kris Needs, Nina Walsh, Jon Berry, Simon Phillips and Nick Manasseh. The Orb will also release a new EP, Alpine, on March 4 via Kompakt.

A deluxe version of the album featured a tribute track to J Dilla, who would have been 33 yesterday

Tickets are available from the Manchester Film Festival website.

Watch the trailer for Lunar Orbit:



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