The maligned ancestor of EDM is making a comeback.

A team of Finnish filmmakers are making a film about the stars of the 90s genre of Eurodance, featuring ‘What Is Love?’ singer Haddaway.

As The Sun reports, Never-ending Dream will follow Haddaway and other forgotten 90s artists including ‘One Love’ singer Dr Alban and German acts Captain Jack as they embark on a comeback tour.

Helmed by Helsinki-based director Petri Luukkainen, the team is looking to raise €100,000 in crowdfunding to help cover some of the filming costs and license the Eurodance classics needed to soundtrack the film.

“I grew up listening to Eurodance in a small town in Finland in the 90s,” Luukkainen says of the inspiration behind the movie. “My first big experiences are very much related to music; first house party, first kiss, first kids disco.

“Back then the one thing that got everybody excited was the school disco. I still remember how the boys would stand on one side of the room and the girls on the other side. All of this happened with the beat of 90s Eurodance in the background.

“Now, 20 years later, a friend of mine put on some 90s Eurodance at a party, and it just blew my mind. It was honestly one of the strongest art experiences that I have ever encountered. That’s when I decided to make this film.”

Those willing to part with the cash to invest in Never-ending Dream have the chance to earn some pretty ridiculous backer perks: as well as the standard DVDs and t-shirts, €500 will get you Captain Jack’s hat and €12,000 bags a private gig from Rednex.

“We can also promise you that the night will not end when the music stops; Rednex is notorious for never leaving a party on time,” the campaign warns of the band responsible for one of the Eurodance era’s most questionable hits, ‘Cotton Eye Joe’.

You can back the crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo, or just reacquaint yourself with Haddaway’s classic ‘What Is Love’ instead.



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