Update: Kanye West has removed the option to purchase and download the album for another week. On Twitter, he has asked people to subscribe to Tidal to listen to it. Good luck with that.


No more delays, no more name changes.

Kanye West’s new album, ‘The Life of Pablo’, is now available to stream and download.

It’s been a farcical lead-up to the album’s release. From his Twitter miscommunication with Wiz Khalifa to the album’s endless name changes, the sold out premiere at Madison Square Garden and that Taylor Swift lyric, there’s been plenty of controversy, but the wait is finally over for Kanye’s seventh solo album.

Actually getting hold of the album is providing to be an equally painful experience. The Life of Pablo was due to be available for purchase from his site, but his wife, Kim Kardashian, confirmed the site crashed and would be fixed soon.

In the interim, you can stream it here, though you’ll need a Tidal subscription. It’s available exclusively on Jay Z’s music streaming service for a week.

The good news is you can also purchase and download it directly from this link, also hosted by Tidal, for $20. We bought it ourselves to test the process and had no issues but it’s worth noting that, unsurprisingly, some people are experiencing issues.

We’ll update you once it’s also available on Kanye’s own site.

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