The company argues against class action and asks for dismissal due to jurisdiction issues.

Last December, Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven frontman David Lowry filed a $150 million class action lawsuit over copyright infringement against Spotify in the Central District Court of California. Now, the music streaming giant has fought back on multiple fronts arguing against both the class action quality of the case and the court’s jurisdiction.

The company filed a motion asking for the case to be moved to a New York court or dismissed. In a section titled “Spotify has minimal connection to California”, the company argue that their relevant business is based in New York and that most of the staff based in California are “roles unrelated to the content part of Spotify’s business”.

The company also argue against the class action treatment of the suit calling it a “fatally flawed candidate for class treatment”, as Pitchfork point out. They argue that the class members don’t have enough in common and that Lowry is unable to plead “class-wide irreparable harm”. Lowry has yet to respond. Read the full case details here.



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