Featuring songs including ‘I Watched The Movie The Revenant With Leo DiCaprio’.

Mark Kozelek is a long time favorite of ours at FACT. His work with Red House Painters ranks among the all time favorite music for some of our staff and his 2014 release as Sun Kil Moon, Benji, was our album of the year. That said, the singer’s behavior has caused a string of controversies.

Now, as Stereogum point out, some unknown artist has released a profoundly committed parody EP on Bandcamp under the name Sun Kil Moon with vocals and lyrics credited to Mark Kozelek.

Under The Canopy is probably the new EP from Sun Kil Moon,” the liner notes read and over three songs it presents a pitch perfect spoof of Kozelek’s stream-of-consciousness writing. On one song titled ‘I Watched The Movie The Revenant With Leo DiCaprio’, “Kozelek” recites, “My girlfriend and I, we went out for tacos and enchiladas and we saw the new movie The Revenant with Leonardo Decaprio — it was beautiful.”

It’s almost the kind of line you could picture from a guy who made ‘I Watched the Film The Song Remains the Same‘, but the later line describing how he should maybe try a paleo diet before echoing “paleo diet” (in a tender falsetto no less) pushes it over the edge.

Listen to it below and wait for Kozelek’s inevitable response — although we’d be willing to bet that he’ll love it.



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