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FACT mix 537: JT The Goon

King Triton dishes out the crown jewels.

JT The Goon’s grime credentials are as robust as they come. As a member of East London’s Slew Dem Crew in the early ‘00s he had a hand in several key productions and co-produced the classic ‘Gunman Riddim’ – the track which popularised the Korg Triton’s amsfeedbacklead preset, a sound that became as much a part of grime’s fabric as eski clicks and ‘Pulse X’ bass hits.

After a few years away, JT returned around 2012 with a series of free EPs, soon becoming a staple figure in the emergent scene around London’s Boxed nights. He raised the bar with his stunning, near-cinematic Twin Warriors EP in 2014, released through Boxed resident Oil Gang’s label, and collaborated two EPs with Dullah Beatz and Boylan under the name Edgem.

JT’s aptly titled debut full-length King Triton dropped at the end of last year and cemented his status as one of grime’s most innovative producers, blending the classic preset sounds with nods to martial arts movies and the high-def hype of the Boxed dancefloor.

For his FACT mix he’s given us a glimpse of the countless unreleased treasures on his hard drive – it’s all original productions, save a handful of remixes and a couple of tunes from regular collaborator Dullah Beatz. Bow down.

JT’s Oil on Ice EP is out on Keysound now.


01. JT The Goon – ‘Oil On Ice’
02. Dullah Beatz – ‘One Chance’
03. JT The Goon – [Untitled]
04. JT The Goon – ‘Tai Chi Goon’
05. JT The Goon – ‘Eski Moment’
06. JT The Goon – [Untitled]
07. JT The Goon – ‘Never Forget’
08. JT The Goon – [Untitled]
09. JT The Goon – ‘Frozen Tears’
10. JT The Goon – ‘Execution Riddim’
11. Dullah Beatz – ‘New Motive’
12. JT The Goon – ‘Mostly Shadow’
13. JT The Goon – ‘Rocket Man’
14. JT The Goon – ‘Getting Over’
15. JT The Goon – ‘Aquarius Riddim’
16. JT The Goon – ‘Snow Lion’
17. JT The Goon – ‘Meditating Monkey’
18. Dullah Beatz – ‘Yam 2’
19. JT The Goon – ‘Twin Warriors VIP’
20. JT The Goon – ‘Frostbite’
21. JT The Goon – ‘After Shocks’
22. JT The Goon – ‘Tangled Bass’
23. JT The Goon – ‘Constant Circle’
24. JT The Goon – ‘Cold Blue’
25. JT The Goon – ‘GOON DUB 4’
26. JT The Goon – ‘Art Of Kill’
27. JT The Goon – [Untitled]
28. JT The Goon – ‘Croaking Weight’
29. JT The Goon – ‘Trapped Ice’
30. JT The Goon – ‘Blow Out Riddim’
31. JT The Goon – ‘Talk Of The Town’
32. JT The Goon – [Untitled]
33. JT The Goon – ‘Smashed Dimension’
34. JT The Goon – ‘What’ (Boylan Remix)
35. JT The Goon – ‘GOON DUB 1’
36. JT The Goon – ‘Flux Capacitor’
37. JT The Goon – ‘2am In Tokyo’
38. JT The Goon & Dullah Beatz – ‘Takes Time’ (Instrumental)
39. Caspa – ‘Tales Of The Crypt’ (Edgem Remix)



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