The unique device allows you to make music with gestures.

US-based startup Remidi has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Remidi T8, a glove it claims is the first wearable instrument that allows you to record, play and perform music.

Taking the form of a glove attached to a MIDI wrist controller, the Remidi T8 looks like Nintendo’s ill-fated Power Glove peripheral from 1989, but contains enough modern technology to let you control effects, synths and drums with your fingertips.

Inside the glove are eight pressure sensors that function like aftertouch on a regular MIDI controller and a sensor that tracks hand movement and speed for controlling parameters like reverb and pitch.

You can also program different samples or notes to each sensor, and according to the company you could record the instrumental for 2Pac’s California Love on just one hand using the T8.

The T8 is compatible with a wide range of software including Ableton, FL Studio and Logic Pro X but it also comes with its own app in for using the T8 on the move.

Rewire’s creation isn’t limited to production and live performance: the T8 is compatible with Traktor if you want to work it into a DJ set, though the look is more that of the EDM phenomenon of gloving than spinning records.

The Remidi T8 has already made $39,000 of its $50,000 target at Kickstarter, where you the controller starts at $199.



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