After a few delays, the Animal Collective guitarist’s album should be out in March.

While Animal Collective fans are currently soaking in the recent Painting With, they already have an upcoming release to get excited for. As previously reported, Animal Collective guitarist Deakin (aka Josh Dibb) sat out on recording the band’s new album so he could finish his own solo debut — a release that’s been patiently awaited since last decade. Though he initially promised a February release, Deakin has share a new message to fans on the Collected Animals message board explaining that it has been pushed to mid-March.

The delay is primarily due to a change from CD to cassette tape, which Deakin explains was done simply because he “doesn’t feel like CDs are exciting physical objects anymore”. He also promised that the album will be released digitally on iTunes after an initial period where it will only be available to original backers.

“Pushing myself through this process that I had been avoiding so that I could finish the recordings that you will soon be hearing has been such a profoundly meaningful step in my life,” he said. “I have been holding back from this for longer than the six years that you have been waiting. Now that it is finished and I am close to delivering it to you guys, I feel an excitement and movement in myself to make more music as soon as possible”.

To coincide with the update he also shared a new picture on Instagram with the caption ‘Speakmemory’, hinting at a potential title and album cover. Take a look at it below and revisit our recent interview with Animal Collective.


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