Basement Jaxx’s Felix Buxton has unveiled the “quintessential canine voguing theme”.

Teaming up with artist Mikey Woodbridge to form Geranimo & Mikey, the pooch-worshipping duo release their truly bonkers single ‘Walk The Dog’ next month.

Buxton met Woodbridge, a singer and dancer with Bethnal Green’s Sink The Pink party crew, at a gallery opening in London where he was introduced to his friend Sancho, a fellow voguer who was strutting around with a wheel-driven toy dog on a leash. Longtime vogue fan Buxton suggested making a Walk The Dog theme, and the pair got straight in the studio to lay down vocals (and barks).

‘Walk The Dog’ will be accompanied by a video and a ‘Take It To The Drag Race Vogue Mix’, and is due out on March 25 via Atlantic Jaxx.



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