The multi-channel audio format can now be used without an expensive controller.

Native Instruments has updated Traktor Pro 2 to make its Stems technology available to all users of the DJ software.

Stems was launched last year, and allows producers to distribute versions of a track split into individual components including drums, bass, lead and vocals.

DJs can then incorporate these pieces into their own sets and layer them with other tracks or create remixes on the fly.

Until now, this feature has only been available to owners of selected Traktor DJ controllers like the Kontrol S5, but the latest software update introduces Stem View, which lets DJs use the feature from inside the Traktor software.

The update adds a four-track view to Traktor Pro 2 for using Stems in sets, as well as adding compatibility for the company’s popular Kontrol S4 controller.

While Stems is supported by labels like 50 Weapons, R&S and Hypercolour,  anyone can create their own Stems files at home using the Stem Creator Tool.

The open-source nature of Stems means the technology can potentially be implemented into any platform, but at present Traktor Pro 2 is the only commercial software with the feature built in.



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