The device holds up to 48 hours of offline music.

A US startup called Mighty Audio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Mighty, a compact music player that can play music from Spotify without being connected to the internet.

The device looks a lot like an iPod Shuffle, but where Apple’s product can only hold MP3s from a personal library, Mighty is able to take songs from Spotify and hold them offline for up to 30 days at a time.

Mighty Audio’s new device does what iPhones and some smartwatches are already capable of, but the company is banking on the fact that people probably want a device that’s less fragile and more practical for listening to music while exercising.

The Android-powered device uses a controller app for syncing playlists from Spotify, and features Bluetooth for connecting wireless headphones – though standard wired headphones are still an option.

Mighty features a 2GB memory, which is roughly equivalent to 48 hours of music, while the battery is said to give up to five hours of playback.

Mighty is available to back at Kickstarter now for $79, where the project has already made $87,000 of its $250,000 goal. Let’s hope it’s more successful than Neil Young’s Pono player.



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