Let your imagination run wild.

Brian Weitz (aka Geologist) from Animal Collective has revealed that the band made music for Rockstar Games’ massively popular open-world western, Red Dead Redemption, but their efforts were turned down.

Asked in a Reddit AMA last night if the band has any plans to work on a film or visual project, Geologist explained the Baltimore group once “did a song and some sound design for an add-on for Red Dead Redemption, but it got rejected.”

It was also revealed that they turned down the chance to work on Bradley Cooper film Limitless. “We got asked to do some music… while they were filming it, but when we talked to the director he just wanted something that sounded like an instrumental version of ‘Summertime Clothes’ which we weren’t very excited about doing,” said Geo.

Following the release of Animal Collective’s 10th album, Painting With, it was recently announced that guitarist Deakin (aka Josh Gibb) – who didn’t appear on the new record – is readying his own solo debut, due out in March.

Red Dead Redemption is among our 100 greatest video game soundtracks.



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