Hear the savage new single from the LA-based band’s new LP.

As Youth Code, Sara Taylor and Ryan William George weave industrial music, EBM and hardcore into something very unique and very potent. On April 8 they’ll release their new album Commitment To Complications on Dais. They’ve described the record as very reflective of the last few years, a period that led them to working with industrial legends including Skinny Puppy and Genesis P-Orridge.

Perhaps, it’s appropriate then that the name of its first single is ‘Transition’ — but that too feels reflective. Rather then sounding like a band attempting to grow, Youth Code arrive fully formed here with a crushing energy and focus. Listen to it below and revisit our interview with the band here.


Commitment To Complications tracklist:

01. ‘(Armed)’
02. ‘Transitions’
03. ‘Commitment to Complications’
04. ‘The Dust of Fallen Rome’
05. ‘Anagnorisis’
06. ‘Doghead’
07. ‘Glass Spitter’
08. ‘Lacerate Wildly’
09. ‘Avengement’
10. ‘Shift of Dismay’
11. ‘Lost at Sea’



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