Berlin to Jamaica via Ann Arbor.

Some nine years ago, Ann Arbor’s Tadd Mullinix (known as Dabrye and JTC) visited Berlin-based Daniel Meteo (owner of the Shitkatapult label and one half of Bus). The duo settled into Meteo’s studio for a session inspired by Jamaica’s early digital era. A week later, they emerged with 15 tracks of dub compositions that feature guitar, organs, bouncing beats, weighty basslines, and enough echo and delay to drown out the world.

These tracks have remained unheard until now, aside from two contributions to compilations from the Monkeytown and Shitakatapult labels. Earlier this month, the Album Label released six of the recordings, alongside two alternative mixes, as the Good Star Dubs album under the MM Studio moniker.

Good Star Dubs is available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats directly from Album Label.

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