The bundle features royalty-free samples and production tutorials.

Beatport has released a free starter kit including a number of useful tools for aspiring producers through the BitTorrent Bundle service.

The bundle includes over 1GB of royalty-free sounds, samples and effects from the producer-focused Beatport Sounds store, three production tutorial videos from music education site FaderPro, 10 written tutorials covering everything from technical skills to promotion and a 30% off coupon.

BitTorrent Bundles are gaining popularity among artists including Thom Yorke and Untold who want to freely distribute music without the download limitations of SoundCloud, but Beatport’s bundle marks one of the first times the platform has been used to give away production tools.

“Part of our commitment to supporting creator culture is lowering the barrier of entry to newcomers interested in producing and mixing music,” said Clark Warner, BEATPORT SVP of Artist & Label Relations.

“BitTorrent’s Bundle platform allows us to offer a vast collection of resources without charge in a way that is truly meaningful to anyone looking to get started, while helping our Sounds label providers reach a new audience.”

The release of the bundle is a clever move from Beatport, which relies strongly on the content created by aspiring artists and labels alongside more established producers to drive sales.

It comes at a difficult time for the online music store, which announced earlier this month that it lost a total of $5.5m in 2015, and was last year forced to freeze payments to labels and distributors.

The losses, which stemmed from a rise in expenses and drop in revenue, mirror that of its parent company SFX Entertainment, which recently filed for bankruptcy.

Despite recent troubles, Beatport has generally been one of SFX’s more profitable assets, and the store’s official line is that it’s “business as usual” seems to be reflected in the release of a bundle that invests in the next generation of producers.

The bundle can be downloaded from the BitTorrent Bundle site. When you’ve got that, check out FACT’s list of the best free music production software.



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