Alt-pop collides with grime.

Stormzy rapped a freestyle verse over Charli XCX’s new SOPHIE-produced track, ‘Vroom Vroom’, during an appearance on Beats 1.

Popping into Julie Adenuga’s show on Friday (March 4), the grime MC chatted to Adenuga about the fact he will now be alternating his Beats 1 #MERKY show with “another legend”, Charli XCX, who will present her own show, The Candy Shop, every other Friday.

“I feel like I know her because she’s bubbly, she’s a bit mad,” Stormzy told Adenuga, before the host suggested the two might collaborate their talents. Adenuga then cranked up the beat on ‘Vroom Vroom’ for Stormzy to freestyle over. Hear it below.

When asked how he planned to keep up the high standard of music played on his show, Stormzy said: “Because I play mostly UK music, as long as the UK keeps making music, as long as everyone else keeps merking, I’m good.” He then went on to declare himself “the dark knight of Beats 1.”

‘Vroom Vroom’ is the title track from Charli XCX’s new SOPHIE-produced EP, which is out now.

Stormzy’s Oxford University talk is set to be live streamed from 8pm tonight. You can check it out via Periscope.



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