The next gem from Glasgow club label Astral Black is the work of local talent Bushido.

The newcomer has been steadily bubbling up for the past 18 months, collaborating with DJ Milktray, appearing in LuckyMe’s advent calendar and landing a track on Murlo’s Fabric mix. His debut four-track EP, Grandmaster Cash, is out on Astral Black this month and cements his reputation for pounding tropical sizzlers, as he proves on lead track ‘Palm Trees’.

“I’ve always been a fan of UK funky and wanted to put my own dancehall twist into the mixer,” he says of the track’s beginnings. “So I chucked in a Super Mario scoop topped with tropical sprinkles, but couldn’t get it to work so moved on.

“About a year later I stumbled upon it on my laptop and my pal turned to me and said, ‘That’s the one.’ So I got more sauce (always needed) and gave it another bash. This time the outcome was a lot more successful so I sent it to a few DJs and shortly after I heard it in Murlo’s Fabric mix – which I was over the moon about.”

Elsewhere on the EP we’re promised pan flutes, B’more bounce and Mavado samples, which all sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Pre-order it from Bandcamp ahead of its release on April 8, and stream ‘Palm Trees’ below.



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