The company behind those faux-vintage turntables gets into the record pressing game.

Crosley Radio generally makes turntables for places that you wouldn’t expect to even be selling turntables. Their products usually turn up in clothing stores and department stores and can always be spotted by their faux-vintage look. Now they’ve announced plans to open a vinyl pressing plant.

“We’ve been selling record players for years,” Crosley CEO Bo LeMastus explains to ARCARacing, “So getting in the record-pressing business is a natural extension of what we’ve already been doing. There isn’t a lot of record-pressing equipment out there, so we’re buying some. Now, we’ll be able to take a recording, make a stamp, press out a vinyl record and package it to completion.”

No word on when LeMastus’ plans will go through (or even the planned site of the plant), but we’d suggest revisiting our list of the best budget turntables in the meantime. [via Vinyl Factory]



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