“I just want to write songs with teeth as sharp as my thoughts,” says ANOHNI.

Former Antony & The Johnsons founder ANOHNI’s upcoming debut album HOPELESSNESS has grown more and more anticipated with each new piece of information we’ve learned. The album is co-produced by Hudson Mohawke and Oneohtrix Point Never and already blew us away with the climate change-focused first single ‘4 Degrees’. Now ANOHNI has appeared on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show to discuss her latest track, titled ‘Drone Bomb Me’.

In a short interview before, she talks about transitioning from the name Antony Hegarty to ANOHNI (it’s the name she’s used in her personal life now for years and decided this project was an appropriate time to use it publicly) and discusses the content of the latest single. She describes it as a love song from the perspective of a girl who’s family has been killed by a drone looking at the sky simply wanting to be killed by a drone bomb too.

“I just want to write songs with teeth as sharp as my thoughts,” she says describing the vibrant dance track as an indictment of drone campaigns. Listen to the interview and take in ‘Drone Bomb Me’through its video starring Naomi Campbell below and find Hopelessness on May 6 via Secretly Canadian.



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