Looks like Sony won’t need Luke after all.

LA-based producer Ly Moula of Blahzé Misfits took to Twitter yesterday to give away what he says are Dr. Luke’s own drum kits and samples.

It’s hard to verify the accuracy of his claim, but we can say that it’s certainly all you’ll need to make a pop track. Aside from the wealth of high quality drum sounds there are synths, effects and, perplexingly, a number of snippets from blog house producers such as Boys Noize, Crookers and Feadz.

Moula told Complex that he came into possession of the samples and drum kits over the summer, but couldn’t say how because of a non-disclosure agreement he had signed.

If this is indeed what Moula claims it is, it’ll be another headache for alleged abuser Dr. Luke, who is reportedly about to be dropped by his label, Sony.

You can find the tweet here or check a screenshot below.

Dr. Luke



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