The fight continues.

Having staged two protests last month, Kesha fans are planning to march again on Sony Music Entertainment’s New York headquarters tomorrow (March 11) at 2pm.

They will present a petition with over 410,000 signatures, “urging Sony to free Kesha from her contract with Dr. Luke,” a press release states.

Spearheaded by 18-year-old #FreeKesha campaigner Michael Eisele, in addition to delivering the petition to Sony, protesters plan to project #FreeKesha messages onto the face of Sony’s building between 7 and 7.30 pm that evening.

Kesha is currently fighting to be released from her contract with producer Dr. Luke, who she claims abused and raped her.

Last month, the New York Supreme Court ruled that Kesha must see out her contract, under which she is obligated to create four more albums with Luke for his Sony-owned label, Kemosabe Records.

Yesterday it was reported that the label had decided to drop Dr. Luke but this was disputed by a legal rep for the producer.

Last weekend, Kesha received the Human Rights Campaign’s Visibility Award and delivered a heartfelt acceptance speech on accepting the award.

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