The track’s title is a gag about “ejaculating for the first time.”

Daniel Lopatin has revealed the inspirations behind the track ‘Sticky Drama’ from his acclaimed Oneohtrix Point Never album Garden of Delete, in a new episode of popular podcast Song Exploder.

OPN explained that the track name is a double-entendre, inspired by a gossip website and “ejaculating for the first time, which is a shock to the body.”

He discussed some of the software used to realise his vision, including the plug-ins which helped generate the multiple voices, and also how he arrived at those “hardstyle EDM beats.”

Lopatin said he wanted to create a “psycho scribble – the way a little kid will psychotically draw in his notebook,” and likened himself to a “science fiction musician” whose job is to “speculate on these imaginary modes of music that to me don’t exist yet.”

Song Exploder is a podcast that invites artists to break down the making of one of their tracks, with Björk and Kelela among the guests that have already stepped up to the plate.

Read our interview with OPN about the concepts behind Garden of Delete and get to know his diverse back catalogue with The Essential… Oneohtrix Point Never.



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