The track’s like “toast and Vegemite” says the former Beastie.

Beastie Boys Mike D and Cat Power have teamed up for Cassius’ new single ‘Action’, which premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show last night (March 11). Hear it below.

The first offering from the French duo of Philippe Zdar and Boom Bass since their 15 Again album in 2006, the slinky disco track was recorded in New York after a “couple bottles of wine,” according to Mike D.

Mike D told Pitchfork the collaboration came about as Zdar was playing tracks for him and Marshall in NYC: “I did bring a couple bottles of wine to the studio,” he said. “And then started writing my part and went from there.”

“The song came with this world liberation theme and then I came with a modern-day relationship theme, and somehow the two went together. It’s kind of like toast and Vegemite go together only in Australia,” he told Pitchfork.

He went on to explain that ‘Action’ is “in a sense capturing that era of a Compass Point record that gets played in the Loft in New York City, but today.”

No release date has been set for the track as yet.

Zdar previously mixed the Beastie Boys’ final LP Hot Sauce Committee Part Two and Cat Power’s 2012 album Sun.



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