All from the personal collections of his ex-wife and former manager.

Prince isn’t one for oversharing but his associates clearly aren’t scrupulous. The singer’s ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, and former manager, Owen Husney, are auctioning off a series of items from their personal collection.

Among the items up for auction are a 1959 Gibson L Series acoustic guitar, starting bid $60,000, used in many of his early works; a demo tape from 1978 recorded with former Revolution guitarist Dez Dickerson, provided by Dickerson and with a starting bid of $20,000, that includes three unreleased Prince songs and three early versions of ‘So Blue’, ‘Got A Broken Heart Again’, and ‘Sometimes It Snows In April’; hand-written lyrics for ‘In Love’, beginning at $7,000; and reference master tapes for his For You debut album, currently available for a mere $1,000.

Then there are the personal items, including a number of Prince’s outfits and jewelry (Scorpio necklace anyone?), china from the 1996 wedding, and the 2.2-karat diamond engagement ring Prince gave to Garcia, complete with five love notes.

Should you be feeling flush and want a chance to own any of these, you can see the full catalogue here.

The auction ends on March 17 and there is currently only one bid, for the mastering reference tapes.



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