Fresh material from one of FACT’s favourite labels of 2015.

Príncipe is set to continue its hot streak with an EP from the original batida master DJ Marfox next month.

Chapa Quente is a meaty six-track EP led by one of Marfox’s most accomplished tracks yet, the frenetic and trance-inducing ‘2685’. The rest of the record continues in a similarly sweaty vein, with the industrial rowdiness of ‘Unsound’ another highlight.

“Marfox’s musical evolution has been a staggering and beautiful process to behold,” the label says. “More skills bring more thrills and the overall feel of Chapa Quente is that of a perpetual chase scene [in] a New Lisbon constantly reorganized by the pull of different cultures.”

The EP is out on April 15 on 12″ and digital formats, with artwork by Príncipe’s Márcio Matos – stream ‘2685’ below. Check out DJ Marfox’s FACT mix too.

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