Apple makes efforts to solve the licensing issues that have made it difficult to stream mixes.

Apple Music has announced a partnership with digital distribution company Dubset that should see many more DJ mixes appear on the streaming service, Billboard reports.

Licensing DJ mixes has traditionally been a headache for streaming services due the number of people who need to be paid royalties, but Dubset’s MixBANK platform is able to analyze a remix or long-form DJ mix, identify recordings inside the file, and properly pay both record labels and music publishers. All licensing will be handled in house by Dubset, and according to CEO Stephen White, they already have agreements with over 14,000 labels and publishers.

Dubset claims the identification process for an hour-long mix only takes about 15 minutes, and both the DJ or remixer and the original rights holders will receive streaming revenue (the company will also take a cut). If parts of the mix do not clear the creator will be alerted and able to make changes until the mix is fully approved. Major and independent labels, as well as big and small artists, will receive the same pay rates, and Dubset hopes other streaming services will follow Apple Music.

“The goal is to bring this to all 400 distributors worldwide. When you think about unlocking these millions of hours of content being created, it’s significant monetization for the industry,” said White.



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