We need to get something straight.

The plural word for “vinyl” is “vinyl”. There’s no need for an “s”. “Vinyls” is incorrect, “vinyls” is unnecessary, when you say “vinyls” your mouth feels like it did something wrong — it did. Still that hasn’t stopped a group from committing enough to form a petition on Change.org to make “vinyls” the official plural word.

They argue that the change would promote inclusiveness in the vinyl community and keep enthusiasts from being bullied for their (completely wrong) pronunciation. In addition, they add that the change would annoy the kind of music snobs who would overreact at the simple mispronunciation of a word and “ridicule a complete stranger [rather] than say something encouraging to a fellow “vinyls” collector”.

There’s obviously only one takeaway from this: These people are monsters and they must be stopped. Read about their evil plan on Change.org and stop saying we’re overreacting. [via Exclaim!]



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