Tadd Mullinix shows off two different sides on Skein and JTC.

Ann Arbor veteran Tadd Mullinix has announced the release of two albums on his Bopside label.

The two albums follow a killer 2015 for Bopside, which saw the fledgling label release killer albums from 2AM/FM and his industrial-leaning Charles Manier alias, landing itself a place in our list of labels to watch in 2016.

Released in April, Skein is the first album from Mullinix under his birth name since 2002’s Panes on Ghostly International, and is comprised of three long-form electro-acoustic compositions.

The other album will arrive in June, and is a self-titled LP from Mullinix’s club-focused JTC alias. According to the label the album features hard-hitting beats, acid, deep space melodies and a remix from Rephlex’s Ed DMX across its eight tracks.

Listen to an extract of Skein and ‘Caskadia’ taken from JTC below.



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