Everything you need to make a track on a single screen.

Lemur manufacturer Liine has released Skram, an iPad app that includes four instruments in one package.

As Create Digital Music reports, Skram features four electronic music-making tools: a TR-909 drum machine clone, a 303-inspired acid lead synth and two instruments for creating melodic and harmonic elements capable of creating “bell-like” and metallic tones with re-pitching options.

What differentiates Skram from other similar apps is a feature called “widgets,” which are used as pattern generators and sequencers for the four instruments that appear in the main app screen.

Though only four instruments and three widgets are included with Skram, Liine promises more will be made available in the near future, while the synthesis and sampling engine is to be expanded to allow a greater range of textures.

Skram is available now from the App Store for $3.99/$4.99. If four instruments isn’t enough for you, check out the monstrous beat machine app that packs a whole studio onto one screen.

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