One of FACT’s labels-to-watch in 2016 will taking over the internet airwaves this Sunday (March 20).

Dream Catalogue co-founder HKE (formerly known as vaporwave pioneer Hong Kong Express) will bring 10 artists and affiliates to Radar Radio for an eight-hour takeover, kicking off at 2pm GMT.

The session will feature HKE, Remember, Immune, Deiphix, Olde English Spelling Bee boss Todd Ledford, Glam Empire (Liz420 and Blank Body), Sangam, Telepath, Vaperror, wosX and COCAINEJESUS.

For an introduction to the urban hynagogia of Dream Catalogue, check out the label’s recent best-of compilation featuring FACT favourites Nmesh and Death’s Dynamic Shroud.wmv.



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