No big surprises from rap duo at SXSW showcase.

The latest chapter in the continuing saga of DOOMSTARKS, the collaborative effort between underground legend DOOM and Wu Tang’s Ghostface Killah, unfolded at SXSW on Thursday night.

The duo were announced as the headliners of a New Era showcase and as predicted by many the show turned out to involve Ghost on stage while DOOM appeared on a screen, a giant metal-faced floating head.

Jay Electronica, the main supporting act, did not show up but was replaced at the last minute by Lil B, which seemed to go down a storm with the crowd.

According to the Nature Sounds Twitter account, two new DOOMSTARKS song were premiered at the show though no footage seems to be available to confirm this yet. A recap by YRB magazine notes that the duo performed their existing songs ‘Lively Hood’ and ‘The Mask’ before Ghostface dove into Wu Tang classics. The head of DOOM for its part seems to have also performed a fair few of his own songs.

Watch some footage below including Ghost performing ODB’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’, DOOM performing ‘Hoe Cakes’, and Lil B doing ‘Suck My Dick’.



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