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FACT mix 542: Loom

Ultra-fresh movements from the grime outsider.

Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper label has incubated some of the most curious and beguiling grime hybrids of the last few years, from agenda-setting club tracks to pensive peace edits, and Suffolk-born producer Loom has been at the heart of the label’s forward-thinking approach.

His 2014 Grade EP paired old school square wave business with pirate radio dreams and tape hiss, a personal take on grime dreamt up from miles beyond the M25. Last month, Daniel Timms nudged his headphone-focused operation further into club territory with European Heartache, a strangely romantic EP of sour tweaking, dark moods and ditzy melodies – it’s a blend that neatly sums up Gobstopper’s wide-ranging ethos.

Loom’s FACT mix is rammed with brand new material from friends and peers, including club machinery and metallic onslaughts from Sound Pellegrino and Gage, an inside-out garage belter from Tarquin, some dippy video game melodies and featherlight choral touches, and Grizzle’s absolutely belting ‘Entreaty’ – no weak links here. And while we’re obviously not the type to prize a DJ’s mixing skill over his track selection, we gotta add –  here’s a rare grime mix that’s smooth as baby’s bum cheek.

Don’t miss Loom go Against The Clock for FACT TV.


Spurz – ‘Cascading Rush’
Oddlaw – ‘Profiler’
Lloyd SB – ‘Pirate Bay (Tsvi Remix)’
Lokane – ‘Knuckles’
Mistareez – ‘Sneak Diss (Akito’s Indirect Affection Mix)’
Luru – ‘Mind The Gap’
Tsvi/Loom/Luru – ???
Martel Ferdan – ‘Weir Skimmer’
Tarquin – ‘Back In One Piece’
God Colony – ‘Steady ft. Flohio (Loom Remix)’
Gage – ‘Healthpack’
Helix – ‘Drum Beat For Teki’
Joe Howe – ‘Fusilli’
Murlo – ‘Low Pressure’
T_A_M – ‘Watty’
Grizzle – ‘Entreaty’
Douster & Feadz – ‘DJ Quik’s Hair’
Loom – ‘Fractured Light (Flohio’s Vocal Version)’
Loom – ‘Ultra Violet Love Scene’



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