“We wanted this video to represent the death of our debut album, Dying,” says the band’s frontman Joe Hatt.

Devon-born, Bristol-based noise-rockers Spectres have unleashed the eerie-yet-beautiful new video for ‘The Sky Of All Places’. A Hookworms’ version of their 2015 track of the same name, this is the first taste of the band’s new album Dead.

The video for the distortion-heavy song was filmed on location in Spectres’ native North Devon and directed by filmmaker Stephanie Third, who also worked with them on ‘Mirror’.

Hatt explained: “It was a tough shoot in which we had four hours to traipse through the dunes and film everything, but it was lovely to return to where three quarters of the band grew up. The death of our childhood.”

He added: “There are a lot of literal references in there, with the most obvious being the use of the Dying cover star Pedro. Pedro is a wonderful human being who has seen and done most things, so we feel as though it is our duty to offer him new experiences.

Unfortunately for him this mostly involves him being naked; waterboarded in my garden in a paddling pool for Dying, and then lying in the freezing sea and dragged through the dunes for Dead. We were relieved when he woke up the next day.”

Dead, out March 25 on Sonic Cathedral, sees Mogwai, Factory Floor, Andy Bell, and more, breathe new life into tracks from the band’s debut 2015 album Dying.



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