You might soon be able to select tracks in your local bar using your phone.

Spotify is already the go-to solution if you need a soundtrack to a house party, but it could soon be powering an app that wants to replace the old-fashioned jukebox in public venues.

As Billboard reports, the streaming service has teamed up with Australian background music company Nightlife on crowdDJ, an app that allows users to select tracks and add them to a venue playlist, jukebox-style.

The app is currently limited to an Australian audience, where it has been beta tested in 250 venues including bars, gyms and bowling alleys, and prospective DJs can browse and select music using the free app.

The app has a number of other features, including the ability to save a venue’s playlist if the tune selection has been particularly good. Nightlife CEO David O’Rourke believes the app will result in “longer dwell times and repeat patronage” for venues and greater uptake of Spotify subscriptions.

“Subsequently, these revenue opportunities will flow through to artists,” he said.

Despite crowdDJ’s move to bring the jukebox into the 21st century, the classic device is still being manufactured. Last month a British company announced it had manufactured the first vinyl jukebox in 20 years.



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