One of a kind.

Kanye West ran a The Life of Pablo pop-up shop in New York over the weekend, but it had competition from bootleggers who created their own take on the merchandise line.

As The Source reports, Kanye collaborators Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston liked what the bootleggers were doing so much they allowed some of the fake merch to be sold in the pop-up, where it hit the racks on Sunday (March 20).

One of one. Unique in the world. #TLOP

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The unofficial merch was created by Austin Butts and Jonah Levine, two teen designers behind the emerging Asspizza and Gomina brands. The pair created the bootleg threads in a space directly opposite the pop-up, printing “Pablo” on jeans, polo shirts and jackets, selling them on social media before they got stocked by Yeezy’s team.

I stole Picasso's painting

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