“The longer the note, the more dread. Get ready for a 247 second long D.”

Matt King – best known for his role as paranoid drug addict Super Hans in Channel 4 sitcom Peep Show – is launching a DJ career.

The actor made the announcement on Twitter, where he said he’d be bringing “choonz & jokes” to festivals, pubs and Ibiza this summer.

King’s move into music mirrors the exploits of Super Hans, who played in a band that was called Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homonculus, The Executioner’s Bong and Various Artists throughout the sitcom’s nine-series run.

If you want to book Super Hans for your party, King has said that he hopes to reach  Newcastle, Dublin, Leeds and Grimsby this summer, and will be posting all contact and booking details on his Twitter account in the next 48 hours.

King isn’t the only cult star to have started a DJ career in recent years. Other unlikely celebrity spinners include Kristian Nairn, better known as Hodor from Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad’s Walt Jr. Whether King will also be playing EDM in his sets is unclear.



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