But there is still no word on when to expect it.

In an upcoming interview with Fool’s Gold impresario Nick Catchdubs confirmed that Danny Brown has recorded a new album — but that it will come out on his own timeline.

“Danny is in the captain’s chair with his music. He’s recorded his album,” Catchdubs said. “Like everything he’s done in life, Danny’s gone a different route. He’s gone in a direction that suits him. I think that when he feels like it’s time to unleash this shit, people are gonna be excited. That’s the best place you can be in…You need to be true to yourself and you need to say, this is my voice, this is the way I want to get my shit out there, you’re operating on your own timeline. I find that very, very respectable.”

For more from Nick Catchdubs about his own projects, what to expect from Fool’s Gold through the rest of the year and more about Danny Brown, read our interview with the premiere of his track ‘Typo’ from the upcoming Fool’s Gold comp Night Off on Monday, March 28.



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