Los Angeles rapper Nocando gets ready to follow up his 2014 album Jimmy the Burnout.

Watch Nocando’s brand new video for the ‘Anne Rice’ above. Shot in a moody Los Angeles, it was co-directed and produced by the Nocando himself (with Jason “What” Haberman) and captures the song’s mood perfectly.

About the video, Nocando says: “The video was created in the same way as the song, improvised and loose. Shot in the sanctity of an industrial area of East LA. I wanted to shoot in my neighborhood of South Central but there was a different kind of shooting happening there at the time. The song is about being over the scene and late night fuckery. The video is the moment after that late night fuckery when the happenings of the nightlife and scene strain whats supposed to be the most comforting thing. The relationship between one and one’s partner.”

Watch the rapper go in on last year’s FACT Freestyle and see him in our documentary on the LA beat scene, The Cosmic Sound of LA.



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