Renormalon is Donald’s first album under the alias since 2004.

Belgium’s WéMè Records has announced the release of a new album from Drexciya’s Gerald Donald under his Der Zyklus alias, due later this year.

Renormalon is just the second album from Donald’s machine funk-heavy Der Zyklus project, but represents the sixth time Donald has released music on WéMè in the past seven years following a split 12″ with DJ Stingray, a Der Zyklus 12″ and more.

Details on the album are slim, but Drexciya Research Lab reports that the album will be available “sometime” in 2016, and features six tracks.

Listen to a preview of the album via WéMè’s Facebook below, and brush up on the many aliases of Donald.


A1. Visible Spectrum
A2. Interference Pattern
A3. Spatial Multiplexing
B1. Diffeomorphism
B2. Photopolymer
B3. Optical Distortion



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