Rework a track using just a mouse and keyboard.

Novation has launched a browser-based version of its Launchpad hardware that allows you to remix a track in Google Chrome.

Launchpad Intro gives you the basic building blocks of a track and lets you remix them using a virtual version of the controller, offering a selection of pre-recorded drums, percussion, chords, melodies and vocals by Harry Coade.

The browser-based controller doesn’t just work with your mouse and keyboard: if you own a physical Launchpad you can plug it in and use it to trigger samples and loops. If you want to go deeper you ca also download Coade’s sounds as an Ableton session.

Launchpad Intro isn’t the only Novation software app that works with physical hardware. Last month the company announced that the Launchpad for iPad app now connects to physical MIDI gear.

Check out the Launchpad Intro at the Novation website, and check out more browser instruments courtesy of Google’s Music Lab.



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