One for the ladies.

Downtown girl, DJ and producer Amrit will release her debut EP Lies this week and has released it taboo-smashing, pleasure-seeking track ‘Mouth’. The subtly global slinker is inspired by sexual reciprocity, agency and equality.

“There is this accepted double standard in society today, especially in music,” the NYC-via-Perth artist says. “Men are almost encouraged to be misogynistic, and success is often measured by sexual prowess. Whether it’s subtle or overt, it’s okay as a man. Whereas women are cautioned or slut-shamed for sharing the same tendencies. It’s not really about the act itself, but the freedom as a woman to owning my own sexuality. When writing the song, there was never that moment of ‘Can we say this, can I put this out there?'”

Lies is out April 1. Check out ‘Mouth’ below.



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