The album will be accompanied by a 30-minute film.

Dial producer John Roberts will release his third album in July.

Titled Plum, the eight-track LP will be released on Roberts’ Brunette Editions label, preceded by a 7″ including album opener ‘Six’.

Roberts hasn’t given away much about Plum, but it’s his first self-released album after two long players of delicate house music for Dial, including the 2010 classic Glass Eights.

As Roberts explained last year, Brunette Editions operates as a platform for “music, printed matter, recordings and books,” and Plum will be accompanied by a 30-minute film recorded in 35mm, 16mm and Super 8mm and transferred to video.

Plum will be released on July 1, with the 7″ landing on May 13.



01. Six
02. Glue
03. Fumes
04. Wade
05. Dye Tones
06. Chlorine
07. Plastic Rash
08. Gum



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