The Life of Pablo may be finished.

Kanye West has long been talking about tweaks to his latest album The Life of Pablo, but the version that is currently on Tidal is almost completely different from what he delivered in February, with new mixes of many songs and tweaks to Chance The Rapper’s verse on ‘Ultralight Beam’ added over night.

Chicago rapper Chance now sings “no one can judge” where previously there was a pause on the opener, which also features more reverb on the choir. ‘Feedback’ is now shorter, with a more detailed mix, while ‘Fade’ is described as way more “minimal” by a Redditor keeping score of all the changes.

‘Real Friends’, ‘Wolves’ and Frank Ocean cameo ‘Frank’s Track’ are apparently unchanged.

Listen to the album in its updated form over at TidalL – or hold out till Friday, when the album is reported to be hitting other streaming services at long last, despite Kanye’s claims it would forever be a Tidal exclusive.



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