Not since that cherubic little kid parodied ‘Trap Queen’ have references to cooking crack been put into such weird hands.

Anyone who has followed the Twitter account Brands Saying Bae knows that every rich mogul has dabbed, the sex subliminal “Netflix and chill” has been used by many corporations who don’t have someone young enough in their marketing department to tell them it’s about fucking and that IHOP has totally been on fleek (ugh).

But today, Hamburger Helper has dropped a 5-track mixtape for April Fools Day that is, at least, sonically on point. Called Watch the Stove, it opens with a cut called ‘Feed the Streets’ which uses a load of cooking metaphors to describe using their product and includes lyrics like “Only want beef with the lean in it,” which, cool, be healthy, but also don’t do that. The following track is an Auto-tuned R&B cut and the next is… I didn’t listen to the rest of it because it’s Friday and I care about myself.

Listen below – the word on the street is that Chef Boyardee’s forthcoming Jersey club record is going to hit hard.



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