Big Stormz advises fans to “look behind you”.

Stormzy’s debut album is expected to be released soon, after a video post teasing the release, seemingly titled ‘Scary’, appeared on Twitter and Instagram last night (April 3).

The 15-second clip – which features a studio control panel covered in polaroid photos and the grime MC (real name Michael Omari) lurking in the darkness – previews a track featuring sinister choral vocals. At one point, a message flashes up reading: “The album is coming”. Check it out below.

The album is produced by Wretch 32 collaborators Messers Mo and Mikey Samuels, and according to quotes in a recent interview with Clash sounds “like Michael personified. And I’m using Michael not Stormzy, because I feel like I need to get back to who I am. There’s been glimpses of people seeing who I am but I’m talking on a musical level,” he explained.

“You’re getting the freestyles, you’re getting the records here and there, but you’re not getting who Stormzy is. I want you to understand who I am, what I love, what I hate, what I treasure, what has stunted my growth, helped my growth. I want everything to be in this record.”

As well as featuring soul singers (because “there’s some bits I can’t do myself. I want people to feel that sense of bereavement or pain or mourning from my record”), the record is also likely to contain a cameo from 13-year-old viral star Deno Driz, a London secondary school student whose playground videos of him singing Ed Sheeran recently landed on Stormzy’s radar.

Stormzy is also rumoured to be releasing England’s official Euro 2016 single and recently scored his very own official burger at Nando’s.



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