The next release on Nina Kraviz’s Trip label is a very special compilation.

Each track on the gatefold double EP has been selected to fit into a particular story (a trip), and “presented as a continuous sonic landscape.” There’s also an appearance from a very familiar electronic music legend.

Somehow, Kraviz has secured the rights to press one of Aphex Twin’s legendary SoundCloud dump tracks – AFX’s ‘P-string’ – which first appeared on his second Peel Session. Written in the early ‘90s, the track sounds like a collision of the baroque melodic elements that anchored I Care Because You Do (particularly ‘Icct Hedral’) and the coarse, percussive techno variations of the Analogue Bubblebath records.

When I Was 14 is set for release on May 20 via Trip and you can pre-order from Phonica now. Hear the track below and check the tracklist.


01. Bjarki – ‘Baepolar’
02. Nina Kraviz – ‘Don’t mind wrong keys’
03. AFX – ‘P-string’
04. Bjarki – ‘Naked Naked’
05. Barcode Population – ‘Temple Head’
06. Biogen – ‘Untitled’
07. PTU – ‘Taorak’



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