Some of video gaming’s most iconic scores are getting deluxe vinyl editions.

A partnership between Japanese video game company Konami and Austin-based Mondo will see the soundtracks to video game classics Castlevania, Silent Hill and Contra released on vinyl.

As Polygon reports, the first to be released will be a “limited edition premiere vinyl pressing” of the original Castlevania soundtrack from 1986, composed by Kinuyo Yamashita and Satoe Terashima.

It will be followed by vinyl soundtracks for more games in the series that followed various members of the Belmont family in their quest to defeat Dracula: Castlevania 2: Simon’s QuestCastlevania 3: Dracula’s CurseSuper Castlevania 4 and Symphony Of The Night.

The vinyl soundtracks form part of a wider collection of Konami collectibles created by Mondo, including Castlevania and Silent Hill prints by artists Becky Cloonan and Sam Wolfe Connelly.


According to a press release from Mondo, vinyl soundtracks for cult horror game Silent Hill and side-scrolling shooter Contra will follow at some point in the future.

As The Vinyl Factory notes, the Silent Hill soundtrack has previously only been available on CD, with a petition launched in 2015 to have the series’ soundtracks pressed to vinyl.

Mondo’s first Castlevania soundtrack will be available at San Diego Comic-Con in July, but there’s no mention of when we can expect the rest. Keep an eye on the Mondo website for updates.

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