The Wire star sings on a track to coincide with his forthcoming film Bastille Day.

Actor and musician Idris Elba has teamed up with Fatboy Slim on a forthcoming track, the producer has revealed.

Speaking to NME, the DJ otherwise known as Norman Cook revealed that the track was recorded for Elba’s forthcoming film Bastille Day.

“I don’t know if it’s under wraps so I don’t want to get in trouble by saying too much,” Cook revealed. “It’s called Bastille Day, and we’ve written a song together, and Idris sings on it which is fun.

“I’ve seen him DJ many times, that’s how we ended up knowing each other. We share the same management so we’re often on the bill together, and that’s how we became pals.”

Released later this month, Bastille Day also stars Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden, and sees The Wire star investigating a bomb attack in Paris.

The track isn’t the first time Elba has collaborated with the big beat veteran: last year the pair teamed up on a remix of Mark Ronson’s ubiquitous ‘Uptown Funk’.

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