“He’s a Putin-style character.”

ANOHNI is gearing up to release her stunning new album Hopelessness and she is featured in the new issue of Q Magazine, where she spoke with her signature candor about politics and pop culture.

Regarding Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump, she called him a: “Putin-style character: a megalomaniac, completely volatile money baron. I think if you elect him there’s a good chance we’ll have a nuclear bomb sent to Syria within six months of his becoming President.”

She is not entirely happy with the current presidential state, either, and the new album features a drone-imbued track called ‘Obama’, where she addresses her misgivings about and disappointment with his two terms: “There was this universal sense of hope [when he was elected]. I remember crying. Everyone was crying. It was such a miracle. But then the narrative of his Presidency has a different track. I wanted to review my own naïveté.”

The Amy Winehouse documentary was also a point of contention. Referring to it as a “snuff film,” ANOHNI said: “It was repulsive because everyone was complicit in thinking they were supporting her by paying £10 to watch her die again and get that thrill ride. I find that repugnant. This kind of exploitative media is so easy to swallow and tastes so good and gives you a rush but is it right?”

Hopelessness is out May 6 via Secretly Canadian. Watch the gorgeous, Naomi Campbell-starring video for ‘Drone Me’ below.



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