A much needed bit of good news for Tribe fans.

Marvel have just snagged A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad to score their upcoming Netflix series Luke Cage, the shows executive producer revealed.

“It’s very sophisticated,” said producer Cheo Hodari Coker in an interview with Entertainment Weekly comparing the show to The Wire, “I mean, it’s got a ’90s hip-hop vibe, but it’s really forward-thinking.”

Muhammad isn’t alone either. He’s collaborating with composer Adrian Younge who produced Ghostface Killah’s Twelve Reasons To Die II last year.

The series stars Mike Colter in the role of the iconic comic book hero and follows Daredevil and Jessica Jones, series that have focused on a grittier and down-to-earth look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series premieres September 30 on Netflix.

Last month, fans of the legendary hip-hop group were shaken by founding member Phife Dawg’s sudden death.



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